When a dog is suddenly clingy and whiny

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Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page:. My dog has begun to act strangely, advice? Hey guys. I have a female Border Collie aged 1, we have had her since she was about 3 months old and she has always been a very independant, happy and energetic animal, we love her to bits and she makes a fantastic pet.

However recently she has begun to act very strangely and out of character, it's a bit hard to explain but I'll give it a shot. Basicly, out of the blue, she becomes very clingy, and I don't mean a little bit, but VERY clingy, she climbs all over us, trembling as if she was terrified of something, if we try to push her down she is very forceful, it's like she can't get close enough to us, she will then lie on us trembling until she falls asleep.

The first time she did it, she was panting very heavily, and we thought perhaps there was something medically wrong with her so we booked her into the vets. Well she went for a check over at the vets last week, and she was given the all clear, she had a urine test, blood test, and a full check up and we were told she was healthy and nothing was wrong with her, a little bit overweight but that was it, so now I am convinced she's medically sound, I'm wondering what could have caused this weird behaviour.

It comes and goes from day to day, sometimes she will be her normal happy self, then all of a sudden it hits her, and she begins to slip into that clingy mood again, it's quite worrying, I'm wondering if something has freaked her out, or if there's something that could have happened to her while I wasn't there that has spooked her.

Any help appreciated! Could it be that she is going to be prepared for copulation? I do not know if that is the right word. Our cat behaved in the same way right before she was going to do that. Originally Posted by Kerdoz. If she was not fixed, what Kerdoz said might very well be true. She had barked at their dog and they shot her with a pellet gun. After that she was quite nervous all the time. I doubt anything that terrible has happened to your pooch though.

Edit: Now that I see your dog has been fixed Have you noticed if she does this when a certain person is around her? Are there any particular events that happen to her prior to being clingy? Originally Posted by Cyanotical.

Originally Posted by Idrinkwhiterussians. Check if there are any strays around. Might also be classical conditioning where she generalized being shot by a pellet gun with a certain sound or person. Are you absolutely certain she isn't having seizures?My dog has been trained to not freak out every time I walk away from her I didn't want her developing separation anxiety.

She has also been trained for the most part not to jump up on the bed because she usually pees on it. But since 3am, she has been abnormally clingy and whiny. I was dead asleep when she jumped up on the bed, and every time I put her back on the floor, she would jump up again. And later, when I woke up and jumped in the shower, she cried the entire time. Left the house, she kept crying. Even if I hold her, she cries unless I pet her.

She refuses to be anywhere except in my lap. This is so unlike her so I was just wondering if anyone has any idea what could be going on. She gets about the same amount of attention she usually gets I've been home more in the past month than I ever have.

Most likely, something is wrong in your home. Your dog could be seeing things in the house. Has a loved one past away lately? Have you started feeing uncomfrotable in your home? Your dog might see spirts. These also make the dog haunted form some rooms. Let your dog do what it has been doing because she is sacred.

What kind of dog is it? That matters, because some are more prone to separation anxiety than others. Overall, though, I wouldn't compare heat cycles. My dog is neutered, but I've had cats my whole life and never spayed them because they were all female and indoor.

I had lots of random changes in heat behavior. And especially since this is only her second, there's no reason to assume the first was how they'd all be.

This one also may last longer. If I were you, I'd wait until the heat cycle is over and spend as much weekend time with her as you can. If the whining continues, that's when you may want a second opinion, because at that point it sounds more behavioral. Obviously, she's healthy and well cared for so it doesn't point to anything physical. Ok 2 possibilities, she could be sensing something is wrong with u, or if she was in heat shortly before her behavior changed and had access to an intact male dog, she could be pregnant She may be starting heat at 4 months old.

She may be teething. Sydden changes in behavior warrant vet visits. It kind of sounds like she is just really lonely.As a result, these dogs become distressed when the owner is not around to provide security and comfort. Besides clinginess, dogs with separation anxiety tend to act destructively when left alone. Unfortunately, some breeds are prone to separation anxietyespecially those bred to be companion dogs. Another reason why your dog is acting strange and clingy is an illness. In addition to this, keep in mind that some dogs get clingy before they have an epilepsy episode.

Has your female dog suddenly become more affectionate than usual? Then your dog is probably in heat. Some females also get more affectionate as the heat cycle progresses and turn into Velcro dogs. But others might hide in isolation and want nothing to do you. That will lower her chances of getting mammary gland tumors. As old age approaches, dogs start to experience age-related health problemssuch as vision and hearing loss.

If you think that your dog has problems hearing or seeing, you should take him to the vet immediately. While people love change, dogs love routine because they prefer to know what to expect.

Your pet feels secure when he knows he gets fed and goes for walks at the same time every day. It might be something as insignificant as coming one hour later from work to a big change such as moving house or bringing a new baby or a pet into the household. When a dog is suddenly clingy and whiny, it could mean that your pooch is stressed. The same goes if some people in your family are treating your dog harshly, for example, scolding him for being naughty.

For example, your furbaby might have had a negative experience with the vacuum cleaner and would get extra clingy every time you take it out to clean the carpets. Fireworks during the Christmas holidays are also likely to cause fear and stress in your pooch and make him reluctant to leave your side.

As such, some pets might be extra clingy when you bring them home because they are afraid of being abandoned again. As you can see, your dog might be clingy due to a variety of reasons.

But your first business should be to talk to your vet, especially if other symptoms are present. What do you think about these reasons why your dog is clingy? Has your dog ever been clingy and whiny? I've grown up surrounded by animals - dogs, cats, cows, goats, sheep, and horses and that has shaped me into what I am today - a crazy cat lady who always has a place for one more cat or a dog.

I've got two female cats - Kitty and Roni, and two tomcats - Blacky and Shaggy, but I also feed my neighbors' cats when they come for a visit.When you're a dog owner, no matter what kind of mood you're in when you come home after a long day, chances are your four-legged friend is there waiting for you with the perfect reaction.

While dogs certainly seem like experts at reading our body language, it's harder sometimes to decipher theirs. If your dog is suddenly all over you, is it just her way of saying, "I love you," or is there more to it? If you've ever wondered why your dog is being extra cuddlyyou might be surprised to learn some of the unexpected reasons for that behavior.

While dogs are known for being loyal, affectionate creatures, it's worth noting that some breeds are just more cuddly than otherslike lap dogs such as the Chihuahua or the Pomeranian, according to John Woods, pet behavior expert and founder of All Things Dogs.

Why is my dog suddenly clingy and whiny?

However, if you have a more independent breed, and their cuddling seems out of character, it could be a sign that something else is going on. Here are six reasons why your pooch might be more snuggly than usual. If your pooch was rambunctious during his puppy years but has increasingly become more and more of a cuddle hound, it could simply be a sign of aging. Dogs can become more affectionate as they lose the excess energy from their youth, according to Wag.

However, if your dog is older and is being more clingy than usual, it could indicate a possible age-related condition. It's important then to distinguish whether your dog's actions are due to the natural mellowing that comes with age, or if he or she is becoming more dependent on you for other reasons. A dog might not be able to tell you when something doesn't feel right, but they can show you through their actions, and that can take the form of cuddliness or clinginess.

If your typically aloof dog is following you around or lying across your feet, watch for other signs or symptoms of ill health. Is he more lethargic than usual? Are there any changes to his eating or toileting habits? Seek veterinarian attention and share your concerns," advises Woods. If your dog just isn't acting like himself, it's always worth a trip to the vet to figure out the cause.

Call it their so-called "sixth sense" in action. If you're laid flat by the flu, your dog might start acting like the ultimate bedside companion. If your dog is staying close, and exhibiting other peculiar behavior, he could be trying to tell you something important. There have been plenty of reported cases of dogs alerting their owners to what ultimately is a cancer diagnosis, like this one: "One evening in NovemberI was at my computer when Mia leapt on to my lap and nuzzled into the flesh at the top of my left breast.

She closed her eyes and licked furiously," said Emilie Clark, who was later diagnosed with breast cancer, in an interview with HomeoAnimal.

Because of the keen sense of smell mentioned above, dogs might be able to detect a change in your scent when you're pregnantaccording to Animal Planet.Like barking and growlingwhining is a way that dogs vocalize. There are a number of things your dog may be trying to tell you when it whines, whether it's asking for something it wants or is feeling pain or stress. Be careful about how you react to your dog's whining, though, and try to understand the underlying reason.

Encouraging whining, even unintentionally, can turn it into a problem behavior, resulting in a pup that whines excessively. There are a few things you can do to calm the whining and maybe even stop it. Whining is especially common in puppies because they're learning how to communicate their needs and wants.

Young puppies whine to get attention and food from their mother in the same way that babies cry. It may be begging for a treat from your plate or asking to be let in or out of the house. At other times, the whining may not be so easy to decipher. In these instances, look at the body language that accompanies the whining to figure it out. There are a few common reasons why dogs whine, although they may sometimes overlap. If your dog wants something from you, like a walk, food, or a toy, it may whine in an effort to tell you.

You may even notice its eyes shifting between you and the door or other desired object while it's whining. Attention-seeking whining may occur if you're doing something that doesn't involve your dog, like having a phone conversation with someone or focusing on an important task.

It may also happen when your dog becomes jealous of the time you're spending with another person or pet. If your dog is excited, whining may be part of its way of burning energy and may be accompanied by jumping up and down and running around. Part of this type of whining may also be about seeking attention. Boredom whining often comes across as a "woe is me" sigh-and-whine combo.

The dog whines out of boredom and may also be trying to get your attention.

When A Dog Is Suddenly Clingy And Whiny

Many dogs whine if they're sick or in pain. If your dog isn't feeling well, whining may be its way of getting your attention to let you know. In some cases, the whining could be an effort on the dog's part to calm itself down rather than to get attention. It's common for a dog to whine when it's anxious or afraid. You may also notice a whine and yawn occurring together. By displaying appeasement gestures, the dog is trying to calm itself down and send a signal to others that it's not a threat.

Whining due to stress is often accompanied by other signs of fear such as cowering, flattened ears, and a tucked tail. If your dog is whining excessively, it's best to try and learn the reason before you try to address the behavior. Some people don't mind a little whining now and then, whereas others can barely tolerate it and consider any amount of whining to be excessive and annoying.

The good news is that you can train your dog to whine less—or perhaps not to whine at all. Be patient and consistent no matter what, though, and you're more likely to see your desired results. You may not be able to completely rid your dog of the habit of whining, but you should at least be able to decrease it to a more tolerable level.

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How to Stop Whining in Dogs

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Lead study author Dr. Ali Mazaheri, of the University of Birmingham, explains the rationale for the investigation. Mazaheri continues, "if there were anomalies in brain activity during language processing in MCI patients which could provide insight into their likelihood of developing Alzheimer's. Previous studies have shown that it takes the brain of an average person 250 milliseconds to process a written word. The brain activity associated with word processing can be seen on an electroencephalogram (EEG), which is a procedure that measures the electrical activity of one's brain by placing tiny electrodes on the scalp.

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