Versalift troubleshooting

We want to take this opportunity to review some of the more common questions we get. We get a lot of questions about the boom circuits. Depending on where the truck is, this can be especially troublesome. Troubleshooting guides give a couple of possible causes and remedies. The most probable cause here is a defective counterbalance valve. Running a close second in frequency is that the upper boom raises, but will not lower.

Again, it may be necessary to replace the valve. Maybe I can get one more in before you hit the delete button … I get no response when trying to operate the upper 2001 vw golf fuse diagram diagram base website fuse diagram valves.

Your first thought should be to make sure the PTO is engaged. If the PTO is engaged, check the level of the hydraulic oil supply. It may be low. Troubleshooting guides can offer as many as ten or so checks to make, ruling out the most obvious things first. UEP offers manuals for most makes and models of bucket trucks. The manuals cover operations, maintenance, service, and troubleshooting.

In addition, the manuals contain parts lists and detailed engineering drawings of systems and select parts. Contact UEP today to purchase the manual needed for understanding, maintaining and operating your bucket truck!

Utility Equipment Parts has a national reputation for our bucket truck parts accessories knowledge and service. We know the utility industry and will find you the right bucket truck parts and accessories. Learn more:. Toll Free: Phone: Call to Order.We provide training for your mechanics and operators.

Our sales department is well versed in the operation of our various product lines. Any product you purchase from Versalift East features an organized training session free of charge. Limit your liability and increase production with professional training. Operator Safety Training — is offered on site and at our location.

There is no reason for operators to not have all the safety training they deserve to complete their job. If you are interested in learning more about our training or to set up a training class please call A complete vehicle inspection form is attached to this policy as appendix A. The fall protection device must be properly fastened and comfortably snug. Once in the bucket, you are required to remain until the platform is placed firmly back on the ground.

WARNING — Under no circumstances can modifications be made to the articulating aerial boom portion of the vehicle without the expressed written consent of the manufacturer. Training Versalift East offers training and safety sessions for any vehicle purchased. Equipment training We provide training for your mechanics and operators.The fully automatic and affordable Versa Lift attic solution is the answer to all your storage needs.

Whether you are facing a garage jammed packed with twenty years of clutter or you have just a few large items to store, the easy answer is the safe answer. The VersaLift revolutionizes how home storage is done.

An attic lift system will make your life easier as you put valuables into the garage overhead storage. The VersaLift works on simple push button technology that allows you to conveniently and easily move unused or rarely used items to a ceiling storage unit. This automatic attic lift system allows you to safely elevate items and secure them conveniently overhead where they can be easily retrieved when needed.

versalift troubleshooting

By attic lifting items such as luggage, bikes, and even lawn furniture up and out of the way your garage becomes organized and clean. In many cases a wireless unit may be your best bet. The wireless will allow you to operate the unit while you stand by and hold down the button.

We have designed the unit so you can hold the operating button down while the unit raises or lowers. This is a built in safety function that is important while you are using the system. Join our family of satisfied customers and find out why they say that Versalift storage solution. Cart 0. Technical Documents VersaLift Manuals. Speak to a Versa Lift Specialist: More room in your garage Convenient and user friendly Affordable and easy to install Take advantage of attic storage Easier and safer than ladders Out of sight when not in use Save your back.Versalift Southwest is your one-stop shop for all service, parts, and warranty needs.

Our 16 Acre newly built Service Center can handle any lifts from 29ft to over ft. Our facility handles new and old units with record turn-around speeds. Our service department is open Monday — Friday am to pm. Our Service Manager ensures that quality is maintained throughout the service process. Our employees are factory trained to service your equipment.

Bucket Truck Overturns, Operator LifeFlighted

The goal of our service department is to get your equipment repaired properly and back to you as quickly as possible. Combine that with the resources of our parts department and you have an unbeatable team. Need to have your annual ANSI inspection performed on your unit? Has your unit had a Planned Maintenance Inspection this year? We can perform your inspection and make any required repairs. Contact our service department to schedule an appointment.

versalift troubleshooting

If you have questions about our inspection services, please do not hesitate to call! In conclusion, Versalift Southwest has the solutions for you. A problem that faces most companies is finding a company that not only has the ability to identify and obtain parts but also has a service department that can maintain your equipment. Our parts and service departments combined make a team that is knowledgeable and dependable. Please consider Versalift Southwest in the future, we value your business and will provide you with exceptional customer service.

versalift troubleshooting

Model and Serial number is required in order to obtain the correct series for your lift. Prices are determined based on what model lift you have. Please contact our parts department for further information or email victora timemfg. Make an Appointment.Bucket trucks are incredibly important to the industries that use them. Because so much of the power grid is connected through overhead means, and it must be managed and maintained, aerial lifts are essential to both the Power Distribution and Power Transmission Industries.

Nearly every home and business in the United States is connected to the power grid, and so bucket trucks can be found throughout big cities and small towns, in suburban communities and in business districts. Bucket trucks are crucial to electric utilities and they are equally important to the telecommunications industry. A majority of non-mobile telecom data is transferred via overhead cabling.

As a result, aerial lifts play a crucial role in the maintenance and servicing of the telecommunications network. Bucket trucks support the important work of Municipalities, Public Works and State Departments of Transportation in the service and maintenance of highway lighting, traffic signals and signage. Additionally, tree care companies, public parks departments and forest services need bucket trucks to care for and maintain trees on public and private lands. Aerial lifts have been the focus of Versalift in its effort to continue to innovate its engineering and manufacturing processes, and the company has continued to deliver the safest, most reliable and highest quality bucket trucks to its customers, in a variety of industries, for more than 50 years.

This safety improvement allows for durable alloy controls that stand the test of time to be used instead of using plastic controls. Bucket trucks, cable placers, digger derricks and other utility trucks are the sole focus of Versalift. Because of the variety of industries served by Versalift, there are hundreds of unique lift configurations. Geography and population density are major factors in determining the best bucket trucks for a fleet. In densely populated areas, like cities, bucket trucks need to be small and maneuverable, but still have the ability to reach as high in the air.

Elevated work platforms provide flexibility to any number of construction and maintenance projects.

Versalift Service

Our popular SST line can be equipped with articulated telescopic aerial lifts, and meet that challenge. VSTs are heavier-duty and are more powerful, and so can reach higher. Built for stability and versatility, VSTs are engineered to work in any environment. The VO line is tough, and, with its overcenter aerial lift, it has the ruggedness, side reach and power to serve the forestry and tree maintenance industry.

Bucket trucks that reach well over feet are a specialty in which Versalift takes some pride. They predominantly serve the Electric Power Transmission Industry.

The Transmission Aerial line of Versalift products is the industry standard for those bucket trucks that handle the biggest jobs. Aerial lifts that put people high into the air can be dangerous.At Versalift we have developed a world-class service department.

versalift troubleshooting

We can support you directly or you may get service from any one of our distributors located close to you and across the country. Please call or click to contact us. Versalift Service. Our family of dealers and distributors provides a full set of repair and maintenance services to Versalift customers. Our distributors also carry a full complement of parts, which allows service to move very quickly.

Our goal is to properly repair or service your bucket truck as quickly as possible to get you back on the road. All of our service employees are factory trained to service Versalift aerial lifts.

At distributor locations, aerial device and equipment services include, but are not limited to:. Scheduled maintenance represents an important piece of our service process. After the first 30 days of ownership, a Versalift bucket truck should return to the dealership for two specific reasons: to re-torque all critical fasteners on the bucket truck, and to replace the return line filter.

Every three months, or service hours, three inspections should be performed. First, a general inspection to confirm that there is no lift interference, no damage or wear to wires and hoses, and to inspect decals, rests and tie-down straps. Second, there is a structural inspection of structural components and platform and critical fasteners and welds.

Lastly, there is an operational check of the pump, controls, valves, leaks, cylinder damage and clearances. After six months, or service hours, of ownership, there is a scheduled hydraulic fluid inspection, and a series of normal maintenance activities, including filter replacement and valve adjustments.

All scheduled maintenance and service visits should be scheduled with your Versalift dealer. Versalift bucket trucks, digger derricks and cable placers are the industry leader in safety, reliability and overall quality. As a matter of fact, there are no mandatory tear downs or required part replacements for any new Versalift units.

Please tick the relevant boxes below if you agree to receive: I agree. Upload file. World Class Service at Versalift. Contact Versalift Service. Upload File. Reason for contact Support Information Other.Discussion in ' General Signmaking Topics ' started by miguelon. Welcome To Signs This site uses cookies. By continuing to use this site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies.

Learn More. Nov 19, 1. I am looking to get a new versalift boom controller for my boom. I replaced all my lines and still having problems. Was about 30 feet in air and one of the hoses just went, BOOM! Not fun Any thoughts, and where is the best place to get decent parts for least expensive money? Nov 19, 2.

VersaLift Manuals

Vander Haags, they are south of Council Bluff Iowa. They have lots of new and used part. Sorry I don't have a number handy, google them. Great service, great prices. Nov 19, 3. I wouldnt cut corners on safety. Also, who did your hoses?

Not you I hope.

Troubleshoot Your Bucket Truck, aka why utility vehicle manual is so important

Nov 19, 4. Nov 19, 5. See this? That's what a burst hydraulic hose will do. From standing still to fully involved in less than 3 minutes. Truck was a total waste, only the generator and bucket made it.

problems with 28' versalift boom bucket controls.

Fire co put a full truck of foam on it. Hot hydraulic fluid burns like crazy. Dont F around. Nov 19, 6.

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