Uwb kits

We can achieve 0-dimensional, 1-dimensional, 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional positioning. The anti-collision system is designed to warn vehicles drivers and person nearby to prevent collision between vehicles or This kit can work as anchor or tag, it is high precise and low cost, very high performance price ratio. User can use the module flexible, the module can be set as anchor or tag. When the module is used for UK can work as anchor or TAG, it is high precise and low cost, very high performance price ratio.

User can use the module flexible, the module can be set as Anchor, or TAG, can do This board can work as anchor or tag, it is high precise and low cost, very high performance price ratio. Its main features are high power and high precision. In additional to the ranging function ,this Mainly range with high precision in long range, based on wireless distance sense do ad hoc network and IOT Read More Anti-collision Solution Based On RedBat System In the factory environment, due to poor visibility behind the forklift, there is a hidden danger to the safety of the workers around the forklift,how to avoid the collision between people and forklifts?

This high power ranging kit enable you to develop cost effective RTLS solutions with precise indoor and outdoor ranging within m. The range data can be showed on the PC. Read More. We're one of the China's leading manufacturers and suppliers specialized in UWB kit research and various customized service.Unlike other indoor tracking technologies Sewio RTLS operates on dedicated, unoccupied and interference-free UWB technology that is fully industry certified to guarantee reliable and scalable performance in even the harshest environments.

Sewio is a fully scalable solution that allows you to customize existing tags, add more trackable objects and increase the coverage as your needs grow. Enjoy bi-directional seamless third-party integration with our fully-documented Open API, that always you to fit our technology around your vision and needs, and unleash your creativity to build the perfect future-proven solution.

uwb kits

Full visibility of your live processes mean shorter time-to-value Industry 4. Deliver shorter time-to-value Industry 4. The Data Layer is responsible for location data storage and its representation for further visualization and analysis. The real-time position data and analytics data are provided in the Visualization Layer. The top layer includes software tools that ensure success of your real-time location tracking project — the RTLS Planner and Player.

The Sewio UWB RTLS Platform consists of two types of hardware : signal transmitters, called Tags, used for tracking the entities and signal receivers, called anchors, used for receiving the signals from Tags. Tags are small electronic devices that are attached to any object or individual that needs to be tracked.

Anchors are electronic devices that detect the UWB pulses emitted by UWB Tags and then forward them to the location server for calculating tag positions. To cover an area with an indoor tracking system, a set of anchors needs to be installed above the area to create the location infrastructure.

RTLS Studio is all-in-one software for the smooth deployment, maintenance and full control of the indoor tracking platform. RTLS Planner streamlines the project design phase by helping to find the best location and distribution of the anchors and their types to meet superior accuracy while keeping the cost low. RTLS Player not only enables the replaying of data to evaluate system performance but also the remote updating of the settings to optimize the performance.

It features Virtual Zones setup, Geofencing, Alerting and Notifications, real-time asset tracking, trajectory recording, and anchors deployment — all shown within your building plan. Sage analytics is a tool for your pilot or PoC that empowers you to turn location data into valuable insights by presenting and analyzing tracking results through trajectory maps, heatmaps, spaghetti diagrams and advanced zone data. For a full project analytics we will recommend you the best-fit solution from our partners.

Our partners offer multiple advanced RTLS solutions to meet the exact use case as tailored to a particular industry and need. From a digital twin to production control, please contact us so we can recommend the best fit for you.

Sewio Portal is a single point of contact used for managing and monitoring projects, registering leads, downloading the latest software, getting insight on the technology and managing mutual partnerships.

The Sewio indoor tracking system uses ultra-wideband technology and an ultra-wideband UWB spectrum to provide precise positioning. These are the three communication steps:. Content fully reusable in your actual project. Scalability of both the area coverage and number of tracked objects.

Sewio has provided us with a system that can identify and locate people and vehicle reliably. The technologies we had used up until now had always failed. The high quality of detection and positioning accuracy makes the Sewio solution very suitable in environments with high-security needs.The go-to solution for your enterprise grade indoor positioning needs. Scalable to unlimited area sizes and positions per second. The perfect kit for prototyping. Our Lite kit. Formerly known as the Ready to Localize kit.

uwb kits

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Shipping can take working days. We generally don't ship in express as we have outbound shipments every week Wednesday. Express shipment is possible though if you are willing to pay more and depending on the cut-off times of our shipping carrier. Please contact sales pozyx. If you are looking for a quote select "pay with wire transfer" as your payment option.

uwb kits

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Select wire transfer during the payment process. You will receive a quote with payment instructions.Qorvo announced that it has completed its acquisition of Decawave. We enable our customers to design context-based user interfaces and experiences for the home, robots and drones, and sports wearables. We enable operational efficiencies and improved safety across a range of industrial applications including factories, logistics, hospitals, construction, retail, and agriculture.

We enable better security for keyless car access and accurate navigation and safety for automated parking applications. We deliver a comprehensive tool kit to ease the development of your micro-location solutions. Our UWB-based ICs deliver centimeter accuracy and highly reliable measurements while operating from coin cell batteries, making this an affordable solution for any type of application. From prototyping to manufacturing, our modules can help you reduce the complexity and cost of your design as well as your time to market.

We provide hardware, software and RF reference designs for various applications and MCU platforms so that you can focus on your own area of expertise and reduce your time to market. Qorvo Completes Acquisition of Decawave. Qorvo Completes Acquisition of Decawave Qorvo announced that it has completed its acquisition of Decawave. We use Cookies By using this website, you consent to our cookies policy.Pozyx is a Belgium company specialized in solutions for accurate indoor positioning. The Pozyx system is probably the fastest and easiest way to get started with accurate ultra-wideband positioning today.

As a spinoff company from Ghent University, Pozyx utilizes the most advanced techniques to provide accurate indoor positioning based on ultra-wideband technology and motion sensors. Using sensor fusion and machine learning, it provides a positioning accuracy of 10cm. Both the Creator and Enterprise products work seamlessly with Pozyx companion software. Pozyx has advanced visualization options and tools to ensure a quick and fast set-up. Today, Pozyx is already being used in more than 60 countries for high-speed 2D or 3D tracking of people, drones, forklifts or just assets.

Their kits for both the Creator and Enterprise series come with an extensive set of tutorials and use-cases to kickstart your indoor positioning application. The Creator products are specifically designed for small-scale applications. Hobby projects, rapid prototypes and proof of concepts all spring to mind.

Both Creator anchors and tags are highly configurable and are fully compatible with Arduino and raspberry Pi. Alternatively, the hardware can also be deployed as a stand-alone solution using our web-based companion software. The Enterprise products are built and designed with large, permanent and industrial deployments in mind. The Enterprise system can position thousands of tags over a large area with 10 to 30 cm accuracy.

The Enterprise hardware supports a wide range of settings that allow for fine tuning and custom optimizations. Update rate, operating range, battery life and additional sensor readouts can all be adjusted to fit the application at hand. We use Cookies By using this website, you consent to our cookies policy.Using technology based on ultrawideband TDoAonly Sewio gives you the RTLS hardware and software you need to gain accurate and actionable data and be more productive, cost-effective and safe.

Content fully reusable in your actual project. Scalability of both the area coverage and number of tracked objects. Discover the top nine forklift tracking use cases that can help you to achieve greater efficiency, profitability and safety. From the prevention of forklift accidents, via route and warehouse optimization, through to improved forklift operator training, Sewio is your natural choice for the fast delivery of Industry 4.


Just-in-time Kanban methodology might come with a lot of benefits but also brings drawbacks that can easily be addressed using eKanban — the digital version of Kanban for material flow analysis. Read more about how to eliminate manual-entry errors, save manpower, shorten lead times and gain full real-time visibility of all your processes. How can you reduce lead time and manpower costs in Make-to-Order production? By improving the MTO production process through digitalization. Replace paper work orders with digital cards and start leveraging real-time locationalong with other data types, according to the sensors used.

Knowing the real-time location of assets helps to reduce average search time, streamline and speed up audits, and eliminate the unproductive time. Join the Demo. Boost Efficiency.

uwb kits

Decrease Costs. Shorten Lead Time. Go to Store. Forklift Tracking. Lead Time in MTO. Awards and Recognition.

Indoor Tracking RTLS UWB Kit

Named as a company driving industrial digital transformation. Finalist in innovations in the electronics sector. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it.The kit brings all you need to start building your smart project requiring precise real-time location data and accurate indoor positioning. The hardware and software license included in the kit can later be fully reused in your actual project.

Coverage of an area of m 2 4, sq ft. Wirelessly rechargeable tags with a prolonged battery life of up to five years. Scalability of both the area coverage and the number of tracked objects.

Wireless anchors with a Wi-Fi backhaul. Support for calculating the height Z-axis. A lead time of one week and one hour for installation. You will be ready to locate and track four objects over a m 2 area within 60 minutes. Also, you can reuse the kit hardware as well as the software license in an actual project. If your project will need 10 Anchors you can reuse all five anchors as well all five software licenses from your kit and purchase only the remaining five anchors.

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