New ukrainian rifle

Once a year, giants of the Russian arms industry gather outside Moscow to show off their latest technology and display their vision for the future of human warfare at the Russia's Army Expo. This year's event featured future vaporware like a giant combat walker robot and other concepts far off into the future, such as chameleon camouflage.

But a more significant weapon made a much more quiet appearance: the MTsM suppressed sniper rifle. The MTsM has been around for twenty years. It is a well-proven if unexceptional bolt-action, 7. The new version, unveiled at Armykeeps the basic design but converts the MTsM into a silenced In real life, suppressers are far less effective, but they are becoming increasingly useful in covert operations.

Military suppressed weapons have been around a while, notably silenced 9mm pistols issued to U. Special Forces in Vietnam. Today silenced weapons are being used in combat, especially during irregular warfare like the insurgencies in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Syria.

Sometimes this is because an outpost or group of sentries needs to be tackled without alerting others, in other cases it is simply to gain the advantage of stealth. Both sides shoot at flashes and sounds," says retired Army Maj.

Robert Scalesa Vietnam veteran. This gives a distinct advantage to the side which is harder to locate. The U. Army and Marine Corps are both looking at a new generation of suppressed weapons for battlefield use and have bought batches of suppressors for M-4 carbines, and their Russian counterparts are doing the same. On paper, silencing such a traditionally loud weapon like the MTsM is a strange and challenging idea. But there is a rationale to the Russian design.

To be really quiet, it is not enough to remove the noise of firing. The bullet produces a sonic boom that sounds like tearing of a bedsheet. Slowing bullets down to subsonic is easy enough, but doing so without losing accuracy and range is another matter. The bullet weighs about five times as much as a typical. So how do you make such import cmdlet powershell monsterous weapon quiet?

The answer lies with the Soviet Union.Companies without at least one bullpup in their PCP range are now in a definite minority. Raptor airguns are manufactured in Kiyv, Ukraine. All Raptor models are bullpup PCP air rifles, we can see more of the range below. The actions are basically the same, with different length barrels, HPA tubes and stocks making the different types. All Raptor bullpup PCP air rifles are regulated. In the meantime, check out raptorairuns. Juergen told me that the Umarex reign is a very light weight design — less than 6.

There are two barrel lengths available and the cocking lever can be set for either left- or right-handed use. Another convenience factor is that the pellet magazines can be loaded into the Reign from either the left or right side of the gun.

Filling is by means of a probe that inserts into the gun next to the pressure gauge. Fill pressure is 3, PSI. The Umarex Reign is available in. One gauge registers the tank pressure, the other the regulated air pressure. Note the male quick disconnect fitting at the lower rear of the receiver. This allows a regulated HPA tank to be worn by the shooter and connected to the gun by a flexible hose. When assembled, it looks like this….

This is one example of how the Priest 2 is a modular design. Just undo a couple of screws, remove the barrel and bolt and replace with the new caliber parts.

RTI Arms also designs, manufactures and sell regulators — including, of course, the one used in the Priest 2. You can find out more about the Priest 2 on their website. More new bullpup PCP air rifles were also launched by Gamo.

It is — apparently — quite a different design from the somewhat similar-looking bullpup Defiant air rifles from BSA which is owned by Gamo, of course. Read More.In fact, the two iconic weapons still see service within the USSR's former satellite republics. But if all goes according to plan, Ukraine — once the arsenal and munitions capital of the USSR — will be swapping out its AKs for a western rifle.

Instead of fielding more modern variants of the AK platform, Ukrainian defense officials have instead opted to field test a derivative of the American M family of rifles to equip their ground forces.

Choosing an American weapon to become the basis of their small arms complement is just the latest in a series of moves through which the country hopes to achieve full membership with NATO. The past decade has seen Ukraine's relationship with Russia steadily sourculminating in an armed conflict in that saw thousands of troops on both the Russian and Ukrainian sides perish in combat.

A Ukrainian soldier moving to cover during a training exercise in US Army. Ukraine, like a number of other post-Soviet states, has sought membership with NATO for years, which would give the embattled country considerable military support from European nations and the United States. It would also afford the Ukrainian military the opportunity upgrade and revamp, phasing out older weapons and vehicles in favor of modern warfighting systems and gear.

Uniformity and standardization happen to be large parts of acquiring NATO membership. All member nations use similar calibers for their weaponry, integrated communications systems, etc.

Moving away from primarily using gear of Russian origin would quickly allow allied troops in the region to replenish their munitions while fighting alongside personnel from other NATO states.

A Marine fires his MA4 during training. While NATO member states use 5. This is partly because Ukraine is still home to munitions factories that produced these bullets in large quantities for the Soviet military and other Warsaw Pact nations during the Cold War. A potential solution to moving the Ukrainian ground forces away from these calibers comes in the form of the WACdesigned and produced by Aeroscraft, an American firm. Though it looks just like the standard rifle of the US military on the surface, the WAC is unlike any M or M4 you've ever seen or used before.

This is made possible by an exchangeable upper receiver and barrel, allowing the user to switch between round types in a matter of minutes without the use of any tools or jigs.

A WAC with an interchangeable upper receiver. The WAC can later be retooled in a similar way to accept and fire 5. This helps the Ukrainian military avoid having to go through the process of finding and buying new rifles once they phase out the older AK derivatives — the weapons will be available and ready for a simple modification.

For now, Ukraine plans to stick with 7. As its plans to join NATO move ahead, the Ukrainian military has already begun the process of incorporating western equipment and machinery into common use with the ground forces.

It's unclear when exactly NATO will offer full membership to Ukraine, with some estimating the process taking as long as 20 years. When it does happen, however, it's very likely that the former Soviet state's military will be rolling around in western vehicles, toting western rifles like the WAC, having shed all remnants of its former Soviet military identity. Authoritarian leaders are using the coronavirus pandemic as an excuse to lock up dissenters and grab power, human rights experts warn.

Ukraine sent a strong message to Russia with its new service rifle choice. Foreign intelligence operatives are reportedly using online platforms and video-conferencing apps like Zoom to spy on Americans.

The New York National Guard is assisting in the removal of bodies from homes, and is reportedly using Enterprise rental vans to do it. How to connect grandparents and family through story time.The Ukrainian defense industry has what to offer to the Army. Photo: ukroboronprom. GordonUA has chosen several new products of the Ukrainian defense industry which are already deployed to the front or which may be deployed in the future. As a result, the TAR provides carbine length, yet achieves rifle muzzle velocities.

The housing is made of impact-resistant plastic reinforced metal which helped to significantly reduce the weight. The Defense Ministry reported on its intention to purchase about of these weapons. It can be operated with either single cartridge or with a round magazine.

Compared with the heavier, traditional Ukrainian rifle SVD which the army inherited from Soviet times, this weapon is only 4. The first samples were presented in and the company commenced mass production in spring of The first lot entered service with the National Guard in July. The first Ukrainian portable automatic belt-fed grenade launcher. The Ministry of Defense was interested in domestic development and conducted tests of the grenade launcher, however there is no current information on deliveries of this model to the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

The Stugna-P is an anti-tank missile system designed and manufactured in Ukraine. Stugna-P has been developed by Kiev-based, Luch, design bureau to compete with foreign models of the same class. The Stugna-P is also capable of destroying low-altitude, slow-moving aerial targets.

Bars was developed in at the Design Bureau of the Cherkassy automobile factory and demonstrated in December at the National Guard site near Kyiv. This vehicle is capable of carrying people in full uniform in addition to a two-man crew. The housing consists of steel plates welded together at angles such that the vehicle provides protection against 5.

This New Russian Sniper Rifle Is Redefining 'a Safe Distance'

The four-wheel drive vehicle is powered by an Isuzu engine. This vehicle was developed by the Canadian company, Streit Group, at their manufacturing facility in Ontario, Canada. The Cougar is a multi-functional Light Armored Vehicle with cross-dimensional characteristics which allow it to be used in a wide variety of applications including military, police and tactical. It has been designed to withstand ballistic assaults as well as to protect the occupants against mines and grenade blasts because of the reinforced under-carriage.

The Kuguar has a shielded weapon mount on the roof. It can be armed with 7. Vehicle accommodates up to 9 troops, including the driver. Troops enter and leave the vehicle via side or rear doors. There are some observation windows and firing ports provided for the troops. Alternatively it can carry up to a 1 kg of supplies.

The Kuguar is powered by either a 4-liter Toyota turbocharged diesel engine, developing hp, or 4. There is also a Toyota 4-liter petrol engine, developing hp. Engine is mated to a 5-speed manual transmission. It was reported to being hit by several rpg rounds and multiple small-arms fire with no consequences. On 4 Junecompany officials revealed that the BTR-4E was being used in military operations in the Slavyansk area.

Its armor had withstood hits from large-caliber machine guns, counter-HEAT side screens protected the crew from anti-tank grenade launchers, and armored glass sustained direct hits from sniper rifles. The Oplot-M is another development of the Kharkiv engineers and produced at their plant. This tank is based on the T main battle tank and is armed with mm smooth-bore cannons, coaxial machine guns and a KTUkraine's Ground Forces army will soon be on the receiving end of a massive shipment of sniper rifles from Canada.

Produced in Canada sincethis gun is chambered for the popular. Coming with an optionally-suppressed 29 inch stainless steel barrel and clocking in at just a shade over 25 lbs unloaded, the LRT-3 looks every bit the part of a heavy-caliber ranged gun. It boasts a max effective range of around meters 1.

new ukrainian rifle

While PGW has mostly flown under the radar over the past decade, it is no stranger to the arms game. Enter the SVCh Chukavin, a new and highly modern compared to the SVD DMR which Kalashnikov Concern hopes will finally replace the SVD and give Russian infantry units a formidable and versatile ranged weapon amidst a massive effort to modernize the Russian military and fully bring it into the 21st century.

new ukrainian rifle

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In the wake of extreme tensions and armed conflict with Russia, the Ukrainian government has made overtures towards NATO, signalling their intent to eventually become a member nation.

In fact, the arsenals of the former Soviet satellite republic, which are still hugely populated with old-school Warsaw Pact guns like the AKM, the AK and the Makarov PMhave gradually seen an influx of weapons chambered for NATO standard calibers, such as the bullpup Tavor assault rifle, and the Zbroyar Z designated marksman rifle, a locally-produced AR derivative which shoots 7.

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WAC47 Новая? Винтовка для ВСУ от Американской Aeroscraft * Оружие и Безопасность 2017 Киев

Thanks for signing up. More From Tacticool. More From. Diana Stancy Correll. Second service member dies of COVID as cases among troops surge to over 2, More than more troops were diagnosed over the weekend. Meghann Myers.The new gun is chambered in The model name is given because of the very powerful cartridge and the distinctive shape of the rear monopod that reminds the legs of Tyrannosaurus Rex.

The Snipex T-Rex is a single-shot bolt-action rifle. The lockup is accomplished via three rows of locking lugs 13 lugs in total. The barrel extension has a cutout on the side facing the ejection port. This feature should allow to easier manually feed the cartridges into the chamber, have better access to the locking recesses for cleaning or clearing malfunctions and should also make the rifle slightly shorter due to the ejection port being integrated with the barrel extension.

The Snipex T-Rex also has a recoiling barrel assembly which is designed to mitigate the felt recoil and, as the company claims, make the gun more accurate. Unlike its. Being a single-shot gun, the T-Rex is obviously not the fastest repeater in the world, however, for a rifle of this size, it can be an advantage decreasing the overall weight and allowing to place the pistol grip and trigger right behind the breech thus providing a reasonable length of pull. The It was later used in a variety of other firearms anti-materiel rifles, heavy machine guns and still is in service in many countries.

This is a common military cartridge in Ukraine and in most of the other post-Soviet countries. Being a lifelong firearms enthusiast, Hrachya always enjoys studying design, technology and history of guns and ammunition. Hrachya also writes for SilahReport. Ukrainian Snipex T-Rex Note the cutout in the barrel extension.

T-Rex has an adjustable cheekpiece. Hrachya H Being a lifelong firearms enthusiast, Hrachya always enjoys studying design, technology and history of guns and ammunition. Older Posts. Privacy Policy.The Trump administration has approved the sale by private companies of sniper rifles, scopes and ammunition to Ukraine but held off on a larger weapons package backed by Defense Secretary Jim Mattis to counter Russia.

Equipment of the Ukrainian Ground Forces

At the Pentagon on Thursday, Deputy Defense Secretary Patrick Shanahan told reporters that any decisions on the sale of anti-tank and anti-aircraft weapons repeatedly requested by the Kiev government would come from the State Department. For years, the U. The small-arms sale was announced Wednesday, a day after U. In a speech in Washington earlier this week, Kurt Volker, the administration's special envoy for Ukraine, said that shelling Tuesday resulted in "one of the most violent nights" of the war, which began in Spring At the State Department, spokeswoman Heather Nauert made the technical distinction that the small-arms sale is between Ukraine and private companies -- the U.

McMaster, the White House national security adviser. In a statement Wednesday night, Sen. The senator, who is battling the aftereffects of chemotherapy for canceradded, "I urge the president to authorize additional sales of defensive lethal weapons, including anti-tank munitions, and to fully utilize security assistance funds provided by the Congress to enable Ukraine to defend its sovereignty and territorial integrity.

Sisk Military. A surge in "spear phishing' scams has caused trouble for the military as many DoD personnel switch to telework.

The DoD and the VA are providing daily updates on the number of confirmed and presumptive cases of the virus. The lawsuit alleges that the companies were responsible for manufacturing and supplying a defective valve part. The Pentagon is looking at the possibility of "stop-loss" orders to aid the fight against the coronavirus. The chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff warned adversaries Thursday against "taking advantage" during the pandemic.

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new ukrainian rifle

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