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Many low-income students who are the first generation in their families to go to college feel pressure to succeed and grapple with one of the most difficult transitions in a modern, developed society β€” moving from one socioeconomic class to another.

March 30, When Chantel Brown was a child in rural Morganton, N. But Ms. Her mother, in poor health, relied on Brown for help. Her parents struggled with debt. Brown felt the weight of low expectations, of being seen as just another poor black girl from the South. But Brown liked numbers.

By her senior year of high school, she had run through every Advanced Placement course the school offered. She had a 4. In other words, Chantel Brown was the ideal candidate for an elite college. It is perhaps no surprise that Brown was accepted at 19 of the 23 schools to which she applied β€” including most of the marquee names in higher education.

She ended up attending Brown University in Providence, R. All good β€” absolutely good β€” with one exception: The success she has achieved comes with a mother lode of expectations and personal complications. The sudden immersion in a world of relative wealth and opportunity can make it difficult to relate to friends and family back home and even new acquaintances in the workplace.

For years, Ivy League and other top schools have been aggressively recruiting poor students, many of whom are minorities, as a way to diversify their campuses. As these brilliant children of housecleaners and bus drivers move en masse through the higher-education system, they are struggling to reconcile what it means to go from being poor to privileged: Low-income students who are the first generation in their families to go to college now represent about 15 percent of top college enrollments.

Many feel an acute pressure to succeed.

ey parthenon reddit

Many are conflicted about whether to go for a platinum paycheck or save the world. More broadly, many are struggling to navigate one of the most difficult transitions in a modern, developed society β€” moving from one socioeconomic class to another.

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Your relationship with your family. Even how you identify yourself. For generations of privileged students who filled these campuses, after all, the environment was familiar.

When elite admissions offices stepped up recruitment of low- income and first-generation students several years ago, they focused on financial aid, not noticing the culture. As a result, these students suddenly found themselves challenged by the social shock of sharing a campus with 1-percenters with money for eating out, spring break trips, and thousand-dollar designer puff jackets.

There was outcry β€” and organizing. Student groups specifically representing low-income first-gens, such as Penn First and the Princeton Hidden Minorities Council, plus groups such as the Harvard Black Student Association became powerful advocates and communicators.

Low-income first-gen students also worked across institutions. They have built a movement. Inthree students at Brown University started 1vyG, short for inter-Ivy first-generation college student network. In February, the group held its fourth annual conference, at the University of Pennsylvania, drawing attendees from more than two dozen schools.

Strikingly, were campus administrators, there to discuss how to better serve low-income first gens. Penn President Amy Gutmann, a first gen herself, gushed in her remarks about how much such students mattered.When it comes to MBA employment, consulting plays the younger sibling to finance. Finance is the big money industry, the path to becoming a master of the universe. It is packed with ambitious quants yearning to managing their own funds or hold the purse strings as an investor. It is the Swiss army knife of professional callings.

You get to travel and rub shoulders with high level executives. In the meantime, you need to pay your rent β€” and your student loans β€” as a consultant. And that raises the question: Where is the best consulting firm to work? When it comes to overall pay, none of these companies rank in the top three. That was the finding from Management Consulteda website dedicated to delivering education and interview and resume coaching to potential consultants.

And higher demand means recruiters are adding MBAs to their payrolls with a vengeance. And it only gets better with experience. And that begs the question: Which firms are paying the most? In recent years, Deloitte has embarked on an aggressive strategy to move in on the Big Three. Deloitte also represents across-the-board excellence. Regarded as the top consulting firm in operations, it also ranks among the top four consulting firms in 10 categories in the Vault rankings β€” a feat only matched by McKinsey with BCG and Bain ranking in the top four in seven and four categories respectively.

Despite the laurels, Deloitte struggles when it comes to perception. In the Vault survey, which is based on responses from over 9, consulting professionals, the firm ranked 24th in benefits and 25th in compensation.

Against this backdrop, Deloitte is seeming paying a premium to attract top talent. Kearney, which is pushing to double in size as part of its Vision initiative. Rounding out the top is Accenture, with nearly an identical starting package as A. It also fares poorly in formal training 25themployee satisfaction 20thsupervisor relationships 19thand vacation policies 17th. Still, the numbers offer some insight on the ranges they can expect in a standard package.

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Stay informed.Performance Improvement can help your organization achieve its strategic goals β€” and then sustain that improvement in the long term. Performance improvement PI can help you solve the ever more complex challenges and issues that are prevalent as businesses seek to transform themselves in the digital age.

We work with you to reimagine or transform your business purpose and model; create growth; manage cost and efficiency; respond to market pressures and regulation; and resolve operational challenges. The scope of our PI capabilities encompasses innovation, strategy and purpose, through deep functional experience in technology, customer, finance, supply chain and operations, to providing support for your complex and large-scale program and portfolio management.

We also routinely combine our capabilities with those of our colleagues in risk, tax, transactions and assurance to design offerings that are unique in the market. Today, finance functions have to look at how the whole organization β€” and beyond β€” impacts the bottom line. Global business services organizations will go much further by eliminating transactional activities altogether through technology and value.

Has there ever been a more exciting time to lead a business? We think not. Nor has success ever been this challenging. To prosper, you need to consider a customer-centric marketing model built on unwavering trust and loyalty. Program management helps you make better decisions, enable innovation, free up resources and provide long-lasting results.

EY is a global leader in assurance, tax, transaction and advisory services. The insights and quality services we deliver help build trust and confidence in the capital markets and in economies the world over. We develop outstanding leaders who team to deliver on our promises to all of our stakeholders. In so doing, we play a critical role in building a better working world for our people, for our clients and for our communities.

For more information about our organization, please visit ey. This material has been prepared for general informational purposes only and is not intended to be relied upon as accounting, tax, or other professional advice. Please refer to your advisors for specific advice. You may withdraw your consent to cookies at any time once you have entered the website through a link in the privacy policy, which you can find at the bottom of each page on the website.I am considering pursuing management consulting and I was wondering if there is a large difference in the type of work you do working at an MBB vs.

Do you work for bigger clients at a Big Three? How are the two different in terms of work, clients, travel, etc.? Or maybe the following pros can chime in Marti Kahn 2x2Matrix justanotherconsultant. I'd suggest searching for all the prior threads on this and then coming back with more refined questions. There's a lot of data on this site already. Accenture is there for tech but not anywhere else yet. MBB gets the very best flagship engagements on the market but outside of that compete with T2.

They all work for a broad range of clients but t2 is well represented at F firms, alongside MBB. It's not uncommon for a F50 client to have multiple teams from different firms onsite at once working on different projects. Compensation is similar until manager level, where MBB begins to break ahead hard and fast. Exit ops - again, there are "flagship" ops that might only be available to MBB megafund PEetc but by and large it's similar. On top of what has been said above, the topic has been discussed at length in this sub-forum.

Search around and you might find very valuable information. Hard to say because not that many consultants have worked for both T2 firms and MBB. There was a thread on reddit a couple of weeks ago by a guy who worked at both Accenture and MBB.

He said the biggest differences were projects, exit opps, grunt work, and people. He said MBB Engagements simply were much higher quality than ACN engagements, and MBB usually had long lasting relationships with their clients, so it felt more like a true engagement than a contract job.

He also thought that every week, people at MBB were leaving for some insane exit-opps that he was jealous of, while that was pretty rare at ACN. Grunt work at MBB is also mostly done offshore - ex.

At ACN, consultants usually have to make slides themselves.In FT's Test results can define young careerswe learn that EY will give you a chance even with a 3. If someone has a GPA in the lower 3. There needs to be a reason [for it].

Performance improvement

Note he says "lower 3. We already knew 3. A few years back, a disappointed recruit emailed us to ask if Big 4 firms were raising their GPA requirements. Back then, Braddock explained things thusly:. Why are the GPA requirements rising? Why look through when you can whittle things down to by cutting out the bottom? Hard work can be rewarded in cases like this.

So, just as Dan says in the FT article, a 3. But we already knew that, too. Just last year, Dan told Susan Adams at Forbes that grades do matter because how else are they supposed to know if you're not an idiot?

Wait a second, I thought he just said there are exceptions to the 3. So which is it: high GPA and nothing more or decent GPA and a well-rounded package that includes something other than studying for four years straight? Have something to add to this story? As always, all tips are anonymous.

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EY Admits They’ll Still Take You Even if Your GPA Sucks

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ey parthenon reddit

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Thousands of ratings and reviews from the people that matter most β€” the employees, students and interns themselves. Submit an Anonymous Company Review. Title of Review 80 characters or less. Uppers - What do you like best? Downers - What do you like least? What additional information can you provide potential candidates seeking employment at this company? About you:.

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ey parthenon reddit

Overall Reviews. Overall Company Rating. Uppers Full-fledged strategy consultancy Great career opportunities both growth and exit Fast growing and expanding firm, with dynamic mindset Flexibility at work Downers Occasional frictions with EY practices Advisory, TAS Unclear branding in some geographies Perfectible knowledge management Intense hours and poor work-life balance Advice to Candidates A great consultancy to start a career, with incredible opportunities both in terms of learning and of career next steps.

Helpful 0. Log in to read all reviews. Report Abuse. To: reviews vault. Subject: Vault.

ey parthenon reddit

Company Name: EY-Parthenon. Insert Your Comments:. The Comments field is required. Log In Or Sign Up. Are you a student?Are their exit opps similar or are they considered the similar to their main arm of EY? For all these firms, they're a notch below MBB but will still give you an excellent experience with great exit ops. Definitely separate from the main arm of EY in my mind.

Although not as diverse as MBB or even some of the other T2s, the exit ops are strong. Less common, but not unheard of, would be principle investing roles such at middle market PE or growth equity shops.

Great add Rondo That makes sense. Good firm with a good reputation,but a notch below MBB. Pay is similar at the post-undergrad and post-MBA levels but after that MBB starts paying more and then significantly more than other firms.

They can be heavy DD and get recruited for PE. I'd say go for Software group - it's respected and pretty cool. Going to just echo what everyone else here has stated: Parthenon is seen as being roughly on par with any of the other major T2 shops. Bonuses are smaller so total comp is the same as other places.

MBB are are generally on par. This means that your work is heavily skewed towards one or both of those areas. Most exit ops at MBB are open to you, and you will be somewhat more competitive than other tier 2 e.

Comp takes a slightly different structure but all in will be generally at par until manager or above. It's lower at the partner level unless you are a top performer. MBB is three levels above at least, not even a comparison. WSO depends on everyone being able to pitch in when they know something. Join Us.

Already a member? Popular Content See all. Leaderboard See all. CO Resources See all. Recent Jobs See all. Rank: Senior Baboon Log in or register to post comments. Comments Jun 28, - pm. Okay, that makes sense. Thanks for the explanation, appreciate ya. Most Helpful.

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