Dateline murders youtube

The mass raids, to be conducted by Immigration and Customs Enforcement, are set to target roughly 2, families in major cities across the United States. Young photojournalist Denita Smith was a rising star at North Carolina Central University and loved by all who knew her. But one day, something terrib. On a quiet morning in the small town of Quitman, Texas, a husband returns home to find his wife and stepson shot. In FebruaryCornell University sophomore Charlie Tan needs to skip football practice and rush home.

Charlie's emotional demeanor concerns his coach. A normal nightly ritual turns erotske price dobre when a husband finds his wife unconscious in the bathtub.

dateline murders youtube

As a top seller in Central Arkansas, real estate agent Beverly Carter is known around Little Rock for her infectious smile and sparkling personality. But is there a downside to her celebrity? On a warm September afternoon in Beverly leaves her office to show some new clients a house, and is never heard from again. Johnny Altinger sends out very strange emails to his friends in Edmonton, Canada saying he's skipped off to Costa Rica with a new girlfriend yet refuses to answer his cell phone.

The ensuing missing persons investigation leads detectives into a hall of mirrors where fact and fantasy merge. A former beauty queen turns 50 and decides to have plastic surgery. A decision that changes everything in her picture perfect life. Michael Peterson finds his wife, Kathleen, dead in their home at the bottom of the back staircase.

Feature Dateline Full Episodes. Thousands to be targeted in immigration raids set for Sunday. Dateline Full Episodes. Top Stories.Machine must have malfunctioned. There's the forced air from the c-pap machine, still hissing past his ear; the breathing machine keeps his sleep apnea from killing him.

I came to the conclusion, well, maybe Amanda left these things on. Maybe she got up. Amanda's two younger sisters are fast asleep. He turns into the tiny living room, clicks on the computer. I clicked on one, and it was a porn site. But then, the whole night had been off. Earlier, with everybody awake and Mary Sue off to her overnight office cleaning job, Billy helped the girls with school assignments.

Baby Kyla was just 7. Jessica couldn't understand the math, and was way behind. There was big pressure from the teacher. Amanda volunteered to help, which meant that the four of them would miss the Wednesday night church service they always attended.

Just—just my middle daughter and my oldest daughter. The baby, she went to bed like nine o'clock. Soon after AM, lights out — they were all asleep.

Humming fans shunted the air around. Billy's sleep machine churned out its steady thumping hiss. So it had been weird, waking that way just two hours later and finding the lights on.

dateline murders youtube

It was after AM now. He climbed back into bed, fell into a troubled sleep. Billy Cope, born-again Christian, had read all of the popular "left behind" books.

But this dream was terrifying:. I dreamed I heard my daughter say, "Bye, Daddy. She didn't respond. Then I was starting to worry, especially about my dream.Episodes A former foster child now in the home of her case worker, goes missing with a note saying she ran away. Dennis Murphy reports. Police are called to an Alabama residence, 11 minutes after the deputy leaves the house, another call is placed reporting a shooting at the residence.

Josh Mankiewicz reports. Police suspect a serial killer when two women and their teenage daughters are murdered in Maryland; but then, a master thief turns out to be the key to solving the case. A Connecticut bank executive is targeted by criminals who force him to rob his own bank.

A love triangle leads to years of stalking, property destruction, threats, and murder. Keith Morrison reports. When Dr. Teresa Sievers is found murdered in her kitchen, detectives struggle to find any leads until an unexpected tip changes everything.

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This fall, those two worlds collided. A love affair that had started just seven weeks earlier between two sophisticated New Yorkers ended, according to police, violently in a quaint cottage on Nantucket. That's where Beth Lochtefeld, a millionaire businesswoman, was allegedly murdered by Tom Toolan -- someone she had thought would be the love of her life.

Now friends and family in New York and on Nantucket are left asking: could a romance that seemed so right go so tragically wrong? Exclusive Nantucket, with it's tranquil beaches and cobble stone streets invites its residents to live the simple life. It was the prospect of that simple life that lured year-old Beth Lochtefeld to this small island off the coast of Massachusetts last spring. She'd come back to the place of her childhood, and magically seemed to find the one thing that had eluded her: a man who shared her passions, a man with whom she could build a life in this place so special to both of them.

The Murder of Chris Smith

But it didn't turn out that way. This has not happened before in many people's memories. By all accounts Beth Lochetefeld -- the third of five children -- lived a charmed and extraordinary life. She had a sharp mind and a playful spirit, a close knit family and many good friends. Bernadette Feeney was among them. She was so selfless, she loved life, loved to have a good time, and she was so generous with her gifts. After graduating with a degree in American Studies from Notre Dame, she traveled the world, and later built a wildly successful architectural consulting firm from the ground up.

It's a very tough place. And she built a multimillion dollar business. That says an awful lot about her. Richard Oehmler, a close friend of her brother, knew Beth for more than 20 years. He remembers a phone call from her when he was diagnosed with acute leukemia. How did this happen? You know, what can I do for you? How are we going to beat this? I'm in the boat with you.

Friends say Beth was just as apt to lavish loving attention on a total stranger, as she did an elderly woman in her Manhattan apartment building who died with no family or friends nearby. Elizabeth Gleick is an assistant managing editor at People magazine, which put Beth's story on its cover.

This is something in New York that doesn't happen very often. Richard says it was perhaps because of Beth's high personal standards that, at 44, she hadn't found her soul mate yet.

But those closest to her say while Beth certainly wanted to find a husband, she wasn't waiting around for that to happen. She sold her business and moved to Nantucket to be closer to her family.

And as fate would have it, it was here, it seemed, that the one missing piece of her life showed up. Feeney says Beth and Tom's attraction was immediate. Toolan certainly seemed to have all the right credentials. He sold cars for a while after college, but had his sights set on Wall Street and eventually landed a job at Smith Barney. Friends say he was quite charismatic, loved to write and had a passion for the arts.Current and classic episodes, featuring compelling true-crime mysteries, powerful documentaries and in-depth investigations.

Listen on Apple Podcasts. In this Dateline classic, the family of a beloved and successful Yakima real estate agent is left in disbelief when he is attacked while showing a home. Who would want to hurt Vern Holbrook? Josh Mankiewicz reports.

dateline murders youtube

Originally aired on NBC on February 13, In this Dateline classic, strange, unsettling things were happening to Rachael. Then, the young mother vanishes. What could have happened? Dennis Murphy reports. Originally aired on NBC on January 9, When Dr.

Teresa Sievers is found murdered in her kitchen, detectives struggle to find any leads until an unexpected tip changes everything. Originally aired on NBC on April 3, In this Dateline classic, Ryan and Sarah are newlyweds of just days. Home together on a quiet Monday evening, no one could ever imagine how their lives would soon take a turn for the worst. Originally aired on NBC on May 6, Law enforcement agencies set out for clues, but it was a chance encounter by custom agents patrolling the night sea that led to a major break.

Originally aired on NBC on February 6, Why does this show overwhelmingly document crimes against women when men are the vast majority of violent crime victims? Never has a happy ending and even more tragic that there are endless stories of grief to tell.Saturday Night Live.

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Daytime Show. Accent Coach. The Women of SNL. Coronavirus Cold Open. John Mulaney Monologue. Airport Sushi. Kyle's Transformation.Please note: This full video will not be available online, but you can watch a related web-exclusive video here. Sometimes the shades are drawn early in a marriage, even for young couples so in love, like newlyweds Sarah and Ryan.

Everything in life was still fresh, even at home on your average Monday night. After his workday as a sports planner for the county, Ryan said he plopped down on the sofa on an August night to chill with the Bengals' pre-season opener against Green Bay. Sarah went upstairs to draw a bath in the master. She liked her calming baths. The young dental hygienist had been tormented with more of her headaches that afternoon.

The young couple in the suburban Cincinnati home that evening had been married for just days. Sarah--Sarah Steward--had been fixed up by her friend Dana Kist.

Dateline Full Episodes

Dana had an inkling that Sarah would really hit it off with her husband Chris' former college roommate, Ryan Widmer. Dana Kist: I came home and I said, "Sarah is amazing," said, "I think this-- their personalities would really get along. What happened over drinks and nibbles was chemistry.

Laid-back Ryan, the college jock, a baseball player and super-organized Sarah, who needed everything just-so, talked about getting together again. Dana Kist: He said, "Well-- well, let's get together again, you know, and do another date. And she said, "Well, let me check my book. And-- you know, sh-- she's lookin' through. And he's peekin' over lookin. Later he calls us and tells us, "You know, there was nothing written in her black book!

dateline murders youtube

It was a fast-track courtship and before very long Ryan was bringing his new girlfriend home to meet his mom, Jill. Jill Widmer: I liked her a lot, probably number one thing that struck me the most, was how-- beyond her years in maturity she was, you know.

Sarah didn't have a problem telling anyone anything. So, if you made Sarah mad, you knew you made Sarah mad. And she's on it, organized, this is where we have to be. And he just says, "Okay. Jill Widmer: Our family tends to do a lot of barbeques and picnics and things like that.

We would spend some time down on the lake in Kentucky. They would come down there. In earlythe inseparable Sarah and Ryan bought a nice four-bedroom house together in a good neighborhood.

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