6j3 tube datasheet

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6j3 tube datasheet

Alpha potentiometers are among the world's most widely used guitar tone and volume controls. Lots of low-cost guitars play great, even though the manufacturers cut costs on hardware oklahoma police scanner electronics. Swapping out your control pots is an easy mod with big results. Erick Coleman shows you how to avoid trouble….

I've actually have very good luck with the Alpha pots. Many players just can't afford the "Cadillac" pots! Do I use them in my own guitars? Nice pots. Arrived in good shape and exactly as advertised. Does as advertised, great tone, easy install, extremely affordable. Been using these for our lower-cost builds. They do a fine job and have low failure rates. They sound good. Be aware they have a different shaft diameter than the CTS pots I like it.

They're smooth, solid and dependable. The stock Gotoh K pots were replaced with Alphas, and the customer says his strat has suddenly "come alive. Physically noisy, sounds like rasping a safe open when you turn the dial. I got 4, all turned out equally noisy so I'm guessing they make them this way. I later realized these are probably not for a guitar and for some other application. I think these might be ok in a solid body electric, but I would not recommend for semi or hollow body instruments.

I give them 2 stars because I have never heard any pots so physically loud before, but they do look well made. It almost makes a small echo effect you can hear. I might put them in a small box and make a "safe cracker" game where that rasping could be useful for effect, but not in an instrument. Hi Chris, Thank you for sharing your honest feedback with us. We're sorry our Alpha pots didn't work for you as you expected. This is an issue that we have not encountered before. We would appreciate it if you would give us a call so we can get some more information.

Please call our Customer Service at Monday-Friday ampm ESTand we'd be happy to provide you with further assistance. This is an issue that we have yet to hear feedback on. We would prefer you give us a call so we can get some more information. Please contact our Customer Service Monday-Friday ampm ESTand we'd be happy to provide you with further assistance at that time. Nice pot, good price.

Winged "C" 6C19p

Smooth action. Used as tone control, cut the trace so at full treble the tone circuit is out of signal path. Buy more, save more! In stock, ready to ship! Add to Cart Save to Wishlist. About This Item Great price!Page 1. Page 2. Page 3. Page 4. Static, Triode section. Frequency changer, Triode section. Static. If members have these types perhaps they could report the codes by mail so that we can get a better overall view.

Die ECH81 arbeitete jedoch augenscheinlich als Mischer korrekt. Collection of Tomasz Szczesniak PL. Collection of Wolfgang Bauer A. No — please wait. Collection of Ekkehard Pfau D. An enhansed view of the outer grids. Note the non-inverting voltage gain and negative transconductance from G3 to G2-G4. Collection of Georges Werts B.

The pins are identical to ECH81 but that is all. Believe it or believe it not, even with the supply voltage reduced to 3 V both tube types are still functional! The minutes of measuring a tube is shown in the picture below. Collection of Jacky Parmentier F.Power transmitter tubes, Thyratrons and other gas-filled tubes: email me if you need data. Transmitter tube datasheets are already here. Riproduzione audio e video, fotografia, musica, dischi, concerti, cinema, teatro, collezionismo e restauro di preziose apparecchiature vintage: qui su Melius hanno spazio tutte le passioni.

Il servizio web Melius. Club viene offerto al pubblico da Kunigoo S. Powered by K-Tribes. Privacy Policy. Recommended Posts. Posted May 15, Special function tubes.

Triodes Dual triodes Pentodes and tetrodes High voltage rectifiers Signal diodes, detectors, converters, mixers etc. Vacuum tubes for logic and pulse processing circuits Visual indicators "Magic Eye" Power transmitter tubes, Thyratrons and other gas-filled tubes: email me if you need data.

Deflection Amp ext. Deflection Damper ext. Deflection Damper Tubes in subminiature, ceramic, nuvistor et al. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Go To Topic Listing. Statistiche Forum Total Topics. Follow us. Sign In Registrati. Important Information Privacy Policy. I accept.All our tubes are guaranteed for 3 months from the date of purchase. Any exceptions will be noted on that tube's Warranty tab If you receive a tube that does not perform to the manufacturer's specifications, please do the following: - contact us to get a return authorization - return it via regular mail within 90 days from when we shipped it, and we will provide an exchange or refund of the full purchase price of the tube.

We can not accept returns that don't have an authorization, are past 3 month, or are returned improperly. These guidelines may be updated without notice. My headphone amp was sounding poor, noticeable back ground hum. Tested the tubes, well under min. Tested the 24 electrolytic caps and found half were bad. I replaced all with high quality degree c.

I installed these tubes based on their qualities. I listen with AKG 's and on testing, this amp now sounds amazing. Highs are extended and brilliant, mids are rich, base is tight at all listening levels. Dead silent with no input signal. I will probably experiment with different tubes but these will be hard to beat.

Well worth the effort to recondition this amp. These tubes are the longest lasting. The quietest and some of the very best sounding EVER!

Best tube I have tested in this amp. My wife and I bought an Anthem Integrated 2 amp in These tubes, combined with Sonic Frontier's awesome engineering, produce incredibly deep sound quality. The original tubes are still working perfectly. I thought we'd finally blown one due to lightning nearby. I pulled and inspected both tubes - stunning workmanship. I cleaned everything and reassembled the amp and it is performing flawlessly again. This little tube made more of an improvement in my system than any upgrade ever has.

Started with speaker cables. Then preamp tube upgrade power amp tube upgrade, interconnect ext. This upgrade to my DAC did more than any of the others did.

It tightened the bass dramatically clairitypresence, and soundstage took big leaps too. Never expected that, it was a pleasant surprise. Definitely gonna stock up on these.The beam power tube and its various descendents A, B was and still is one of the most popular transmitting tubes in amateur radio service. With an ICAS plate dissipation of 25 watts a single could produce a maximum output on CW of 69 watts while operating with a plate voltage of only volts.

As the s progressed and SSB began to replace AM as the preferred mode for phone operation, the tube proved ideal in linear amplifier service, and a pair of tubes in parallel became a very popular combination in commercial and homebrew SSB amateur transmitters.

By simply plugging in a B in place of the originaland raising the screen voltage from volts to volts, an operation that wasn't usually very difficult a transmitter that originally had an output of 69 watts would now have an output of 85 watts. Without circuit changes, the newer tube was simply more rugged, could take more abuse as often occurred during tune upand simply lasted much longer than the In SSB service switching a pair of s to Bs resulted in an even larger improvement.

The result was that many of the commercial tube transmitters from on featured a pair of Bs in the output stage.

In fact, one could argue that a pair of Bs was the defacto standard in amateur transmitters until solid state gear began to replace tube gear in the s and s. These transmitters must have their neutralizing circuits modified to obtain proper neutralization.

If you are going to use a W in place of a B, be sure the W your are using is rated for service as a B. The series of tubes followed on the heels heels of the famous 6L6 beam power tubewhich was the first power tube to use the electron beam principle. The 6L6 was released in and was first announced on page 50 of the May, issue of QST magazine.

The 6L6 revolutionized power tube design by forming the electrons into beams and using aligned control and screen grids to limit grid and screen currents. Forming the electrons into beams increased the space charge near the plate, which then repelled secondary electrons back to the plate, eliminating the need for a surpressor grid.

See the diagram below. Other beam tubes eventually followed, including theB, W, 2E26, 6V6, and others. Back to Dr. If you have any questions or comments, you can send E-Mail to Dr. Greg Latta at glatta frostburg. Plate and 10m Tank Coil Construction Details. Interior Photos of the Finished Amplifier.

Amplifier Schematic Diagrams and Circuit Descriptions.Sign In Join Free. Home Products. Disc Stabilizer. Guitar Effects. Volume Controller. MKIII is added with coaxial and optical inputs as well as active subwoofer output. The circuit design is also upgraded to ensure lower background noise and purer sound. This Class A single-ended vacuum tube amplifier adopts hand welding to ensure the true reality of the sound quality.

We start to offer medical masks for a short while. This is the supply of government departments, the quality is absolutely guaranteed. Keep coronavirus away from you,all the best! Abundant audio inputs: with 3. With MM signal input and 3. Mini size can give you warm tube sound, alluminum chassis with charming tube light and Hi-end terminal. T3 phono preamp is designed for home MM moving magnet turntable record players to convert phono signals to line level signals.

It is only a preamp, which needs to be used with amplifiers or active speakers. Mini size and unique design: built-in tube makes you have a tube amplifier which can be held by one hand, convenient to carry and can enjoy HiFi music everywhere. Now, NSE upgrades for the first time in the past three years. New version uses upgraded 6J3 tubes. Sound is warmer and softer with more brilliant treble, more powerful bass and quieter background.

Two input modes and switch freely: users can choose 3. Double volume control and one mute button: with 4 independent volume controls, 4 users can enjoy the same sound source but with different volumes.

Besides standard 3. U4 is a multi-function HiFi audio device, with Bluetooth 5. U2 is a USB to Toslink optical and coaxial converter, suitable for PC computer, notebook, android phone OTGset-top box, rock 64, raspberry pi and so on, it can bring better listening experience than PC own sound card. The most high-Cost-effective mini Bluetooth headphone amplifier DAC,which brings you professional sound.

T2 phono preamplifier with a tube output stage offers unrivalled performance and unique flexibility at an incredibly affordable price. The sonic quality of T2 is extremely impressive, offering a big improvement over most transistor phono preamp. It will provide you with serious sound performance.

Common Russian Tubes

It is not only a phono preamp but also a headphone amplifier,and it supports both Moving Magnet MM and Moving Coil MC cartridges, you can achieve many functions with it. There is no better device to allow you to really do a thorough cleaning AND protect the labels, Even better than record cleaning machines 10 times the price.

Only compatible with universal headshell DIY should be aware Can see inside cartridges through its transparent acrylic shell Safe and solid material to avoid potential hazards. B4 is a tube headphone amplifier, the sound feels warmer than transistor products. It has built-in battery protection circuit.OK, Translate this for me please Interelectrode capacitance pF :. See note above. Anode voltage, kV:. Dissipation Watts :.


Please see the note above for a better idea of what you can do with this tube. These are the dimensions for the tube base and hole cutout that I use They have been converted to inches click on the picture to get a larger printable image in a new window.

6j3 tube datasheet

The GSB is a medium mu triode that yields about 13 db gain in amateur service. These same specifications can be applied to the GS-7B not to be confused with the GI-7 which appears to be an old commercially produced version of the GSB. Although the GSB has the same base as this tube, it has a much smaller anode cooler and is rated for much less power.

6j3 tube datasheet

Amateur amplifiers have been built using this tube for every band from meters through 23 cm. The so called "Specification Sheet" for the GSB was provided for the tubes as they were produced in the Union factory for the Russian military and select civil aviation customers.

The factory was manufacturing the tube in such a manner as to guarantee their performance under the specified conditions. Use of this tube in the spectrum occupied by the amateur bands meters through 70 centimeters was never specified nor measured.

Imperical knowledge of the use of this tube by many amateurs indicates that for use in those amateur bands, with plenty of air flow, you can expect up to 2, watts plate dissipation plenty of air flow means more than the specified You can also exceed the rated anode voltage specification of 3, volts to as much as 4, volts.

The majority of users are operating their amps with anode voltages between 3, and 4, Volts. Caution should also be exercised when operating the tube with filament voltages that may go below the nominal If your line voltage drops enough to cause your filament voltage to go below this level, you should adjust the filament voltage so that it will stay at or slightly above Low filament voltage not only contributes to rapid tube failure, it will also cause your tube to have low output.

Some users claim to run the filament voltage as high as 14 volts. Unlike directly heated cathode tubes, significant loss of the oxide coating on the indirectly heated cathode can occur with low filament voltages.

High filament voltage can significantly shorten the life of the tube. You may shorten the life of the tube slightly by raising the filament voltage but not nearly as much as you will shorten it running low voltage. Always provide for a method to test and adjust your filament voltage.

This tube uses extremely dangerous high voltages. These voltages will not just shock you, they will kill you. Use extreme caution while building, working on and testing. Only YOU can prevent accidents. Tony, W4ZT. Physical Characteristics. Minimum r equired Air flow. Anode Diameter.

6j3 tube datasheet

Grid diameter. Cathode Diameter. Heater Diameter.

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