2012 in review from a to z

Only issues is the car still has a lien. Fantastic — This is the car to get if you are looking for a fast and extreme handling of the road. This car will take anything you throw at it.

Corners and speed are the highlights of this vehicle. Compare to it other cars in its class and you will see the difference. Pros: This is the car to get if you want the attention from onlookers, handling and speed. Everyone stares at this car when I take it out. I Love "z Babe" My Nissan z — I wanted a car that was a head turner, a babe magnet, that had a unique look, was fast when I need it to be, safe when I had a passenger and decent gas mileage!

I'm in Love! She's a Keeper! She's Low Maintenance and Affordable! She's Hot and Sexy even when a little dirty! She don't know she's BeautifulBut I Do! I Love You "Z-Babe"! True Sports Car — Having two Z's has given me the insight to help someone who is looking to buy one. This is a great car to commute to work if the drive is not that long, or as a second car.

It's power delivery is very impressive and it your right foot is left down for too long you will soon notice you are going over mph with ease. The sound system is extremely impressive and will bump if you want it too.

Nav is simple and easy ti use, bluetooth quality is excellent, and it's just an all around great car when you get used to it. A small anecdote for snow driving: My second z was lost due to fault on my behalf.

I live in New England and the weather is not great here. I had only been here a year and I figured that the weather wouldn't be that bad, so I got another Z. All was fine and dandy, even when it started to get cold, I slapped on some blizzak's. I did notice though the even with the tires the car would slip more than I expected with snow tires. The VSD caught a few low speed tail wags but on a particular day where the road was untreated I was going about 25mph took a slight bend and the next thing I know the car is sideways and sliding towards a telephone poll.

The car did not seem to lose speed at all and as much as I tried the throttle the car and pull out of the slide it was useless. So in short, great car, you must make some comprises obviously, but on a warm night with no traffic there is much fun to be had with this car. Just don;t drive it in the snow. Pros: Loonnggg torque band, pulls very hard. Great handling, the looks of this car are phenomenal, great sound system, reliability was rock solid. Easy to drive fast in twisty roads as long as the conditions allow it.

Honda CR-Z Sport 2012 Review

You can drive this car with great confidence when you learn it's limits. Cons: tire roar is excessive, and long range comfort is not great. Not a car for people over 6'0, I am 5'8 and the seat has to go all the way to the end of the railing for my legs to feel comfortable.The Z4 offers sporty good looks along with moderately sporty performance. But mostly, you'll buy a Z4 for its looks. Worlds beyond the previous-generation model in terms of styling, the current Z4 is sleek and sculpted. And a convertible hardtop means that the roadster looks great with the top up or down.

Despite its beauty-pageant-winning design, the Z4's reception has been lukewarm when it comes to its performance. The familiar 3. The sDrive35is gets a more potent twin-turbo version BMW's renowned 3.

But despite its family ties with the rest of BMW's lineup, the Z4 doesn't have the same magic we've come to expect from a product put out by the Bavarian automaker. Still, if you're looking for a stylish convertible with an eye-catching interior and an array of standard features, the Z4 fits the bill.

The quick operation of its power retractable hardtop makes opening up the cabin to the elements a snap, and the standard inch wheels with performance run-flat tires on the sDrive28i give the Z4 a stance sure to impress friends and neighbors alike.

Body style: Two-door convertible Engines: 2. At hp and lb-ft of torque, the turbo four raises output by 10 hp and 60 lb-ft over the outgoing I A sport version of BMW's eight-speed automatic transmission is offered as an option on the sDrive28i, though in order to enjoy the benefits of the new stop-start system, the standard six-speed manual must be specified.

Also forthe seven-speed dual-clutch transmission available in the sDrive35i and sDrive35is gets its price slashed. The exterior of the Z4 looks like it was sculpted in a wind tunnel, with sleek body lines and a wide, stable-looking rear end. While it's easily the raciest design in BMW's current lineup, it still exhibits the brand's classic styling cues as well as much of its current design language.

The central dual kidney grille motif is maintained, while slender dual-round headlights sit on either side of the grille and wrap around the front end. With the retractable hardtop up, the Z4 has an almost coupe-like shape, thought a subtle notch is still visible to let you know it's a convertible. The rear end is just has handsome as the front, with a molded spoiler built in to the trunk lid and wide solid red taillights occupying the corners.

The Z4 gets a two-tone interior treatment, with a dark dashboard, center console, and door insert tops, along with a usually contrasting second color for the rest of the cabin.

A synthetic leatherette upholstery comes standard in the sDrive28i, while the sDrive35i and sDrive35is get standard Kansas leather upholstery. Base models come with manual six-way adjustable seats, while higher trims get power way adjustable sport seats The available Cold Weather package adds heated seats and a heated steering wheel.

Being a sporty roadster from BMW, a brand that knows a thing or two about sportiness, you'd think the Z4 would take the performance of the German automaker's sport sedans and crank it up to For whatever reason, that isn't the case though.

In the past, we've voiced our opinions on BMW's choice for the Z4's stiff chassis and overly harsh ride - all attributes of a sports car, but ones that don't seem to yield many performance benefits in the case of the Z4. But that isn't to say the car isn't a hoot to drive.

With a new base engine, a turbocharged 2. The turbo four also gains some power and torque over the outgoing naturally aspirated I BMW's turbocharged 3. The sDrive35is gets a twin-turbo version of that engine, also found in the is and 1 Series M Coupe, producing hp and lb-ft. That model remedies a good number of the problems we've had with the sDrive35i, and is the clear driver's choice of the bunch.

For safety, the Z4 gets dual-stage, dual-threshold front airbags with passenger seat sensor, front seat-mounted side impact airbags, side curtain airbags, and an automatic crash response system as standard safety equipment.

Controlled by BMW's Advanced Safety System, these safety features are deployed selectively in the event of a crash, based on data from the car's various sensors. Watch Originals. Join MotorTrend. Other years: With more tech, power, and luxury than previous Nissan Z cars, the Z is nonetheless lighter than its predecessor, the Z.

It's also still a relatively focused sports car despite the gradual creep toward grand touring status. Both the coupe and the roadster share similar styling elements with the exception of the convertible's soft top. Muscular curves, modern edges, and arrow-shaped headlights are the core design elements. Inside, the Z is more refined, and quieter, than previous models, with better materials though there's still a lot of exposed hard plastic and comfortable, well-bolstered seats.

Powering the coupe and roadster is a 3. Though not as torquey as the Z's engine, there's still plenty of oomph from low in the rev range. Two transmissions are available: a seven-speed automatic with paddle shifters, and a six-speed manual with a unique Synchro-Rev match feature that automatically blips the throttle for perfectly synchronized downshifts. With its relatively aggressive stock suspension tune, short wheelbase, and wide track, the Z is a potent performer, capable of neck-stretching grip and confident cornering.

Steering is accurate, if not laden with feedback, and at high speeds, the Z does exhibit some tramlining. Nevertheless, it's a capable and exhilarating sports car, made all the more so in the more hardcore NISMO trim. All of that sports car competence can translate into a ride that's too harsh for some, however, particularly when pressed into daily driver service over less-than-ideal roads.

The cabin does its best to mitigate the discomfort, however, with comfortable adjustable seats, including available leather upholstery.

The Z packs the usual array of safety features, including anti-lock brakes, stability control, and traction control. Front and side airbags are standard, with roof-mounted side curtain airbags on coupe models.

The exterior, unlike the Z, was designed from the start to work with convertible proportions, so the curvy flanks and folding soft-top, covered by a two-hump hard cover when down, fit like they ought to. The coupe has a somewhat short-tailed look, though both versions share the same wide stance and low-slung, aggressively sport demeanor.

Unique wheels, plus front, side, and rear aerodynamic work give the NISMO Z an even more aggressive, track-ready look. It's not everyone's cup of tea, but it fits its mission. In general the Z's interior is more sophisticated and refined than its predecessor's, while still adhering to familiar Z-car themes. Also carrying forward is the unique SynchroRev manual transmission on Sport package modelswhich uses the computer to seamlessly blip the throttle and rev-match downshifts. The feature can be disabled to allow the driver to have full control, of course, but it's a handy feature that takes some of the potential for error out of high-performance driving.

A seven-speed automatic is also available, with paddle-shifters and auto-blipping downshifts in manual mode. Though neither transmission is a shortcoming for sporty work, the six-speed manual wins out in our book for its high-tech gadgetry. Fuel economy isn't wondrous in either guise, at about 18 mpg city and 26 mpg highway. Being shorter, lighter, and wider than before, the Z is quite sporty despite its 3,pound curb weight.

Handling is confident and predictable, if biased toward understeer and prone to tramlining. Steering is a bit dull, with little feedback at the limit. The NISMO takes all of these characters up a degree in sharpness, but may be too harsh a daily driver for many.

Seating is comfortable and conforms to a wide range of body types, with power adjustability and ventilation on upscale models. Quality of materials and their fit and finish aren't luxury-level, but they're a tick above the Ford Mustang, which is perhaps the Z's most direct competitor on performance and price. Road noise can be high thanks to the large tires and minimal sound insulation, reaching nearly unacceptable levels on some surfaces.

The Z's soft-top convertible mechanism saves weight, complexity, and expense, but at the cost of some security and style--a tradeoff some competitors have taken in the other direction. Nissan's path does preserve more trunk space, however. With relative newcomers to the sporty coupe segment like the Hyundai Genesis Coupe edging in with slightly better interior design and materials, and long-time stalwarts like the Ford Mustang GT gaining yet more power, the Z treads a delicate balance that may be due for an update soon.

Rearward visibility may be an issue for some, however, as the low seating position and chunky roof supports in the coupe can get in the way, but forward visibility is very good, and with the top down in the Roadster, it's excellent all around.

An optional navigation upgrade includes a 9. Dynamic audio and climate controls help keep things comfortable during top-down driving with the Roadster.Another outstanding year in area high school sports recently ended, with several record-setting efforts and historical accomplishments exciting spectators and inspiring local communities.

Although area graduates are preparing to start new chapters in college and another fall season is rapidly approaching, the memories of another tremendous year of competition are still the subject of tweets, blogs and Facebook posts. Local athletic teams combined to win 19 Southern Section titles, 18 City Section crowns, three regional and six state championships, as well as numerous impressive individual achievements in 27 sports.

A is for Abbey Weitzeil. B is for Bill Redell. C is for Calabasas. III-AA title, dedicating their season to assistant Joseph Frazier, who was in a coma after being struck by a hit-and-run driver. Calabasas not only captured the crown, but reached the Southern California Div.

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2012 Kawasaki Z1000 Review

IV champion behind its dynamic first-year coach, who helped his alma mater rebound from a regular-season loss to Los Osos to defeat the Grizzlies in the final. G is for Granada Hills. Granada Hills added three more individual titles and a relay crown before the year ended. H is for Holy Martyrs. V-A final not only united a student body, but captivated a close-knit community. I is for inspiration. III regional semifinals.We turn the spotlight on the car world's newest and brightest stars as we ask the questions to which you want the answers.

But there's only one question that really needs answering -- would you buy one? The Wheels Car of the Year for one thing. Our test vehicle was the entry level manual. None really. There are other hybrids, but not in this configuration, not with a manual and certainly not for this kind of price. The CR-Z pairs a 1. It's no red light racer, but there's enough mid-range poke to deliver a satisfying drive, particularly when combined with the car's excellent ride and handling dynamics.

We like the option of running it in eco, normal or sport modes too a mode for every occasion. It's a hybrid. It ought to be. The manual gets a claimed 5. We were getting 7. Gets 4. Prius sets the benchmark with five.

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Full five stars for safety with electronic stability control, active headrests and six airbags to protect the occupants in the event of a crash. The seats are great and the cabin dynamics are first rate. Controls are separated into groups and are large and easy to use.

2012 in review from a to z

Suprisingly fun. If you enjoy you're driving the manual is definitely the pick. Steers and handles well, with a really slick six speed gear change which will have you going back for more.

Cutting edge technology plus all the mod cons. Not much luggage space either with the rear seat in place but it folds down.As one of Honda's newest hybrid offerings, the CR-Z shares some of its underpinnings with fellow Honda stablemates including the Fit and Insight. Together they produce a total output of hp and lb-ft of torque. EPA numbers are good for this hybrid, but if you're looking for outright economy, the Civic Hybrid or Insight would be a better choice. Exclusive to the CR-Z is the three-mode drive system that tailors throttle and steering response for sporty, normal or fuel saving performance.

Just like in the new Insight and Civic hybrid, the CR-Z comes with efficiency tools, including Eco Assist and Eco Scoring, which lets drivers know whether they reach optimum driving economy with a set of color codes that illuminate behind the digital speedometer.

Drivers can then compare their efficient driving styles to previous trips, or over the vehicle's life. Body style: Coupe Engines: 1. Forthe stylish sport hybrid CR-Z coupe looks even sportier, with the available Crystal Black Pearl exterior color.

For those that choose the dark hue, the two-seater's bucket seats are now available in exclusive black fabric, rather than the silver mesh seat fabric that is paired with all other colors. Other than the snazzy new black seats, little else is new for Honda's smallest hybrid in the model year.

Intentionally designed to resemble the style, stance and the two-seat hatchback style of the original CRX, the CR-Z blends sporty with eco-friendly rather well. Other design cues were taken from the first-generation Insight and FCX Clarity to ultimately produce the hybrid coupe.

Its longish front overhang and rakish roofline give it an aerodynamic, stylish design. The Honda CR-Z features automatic climate control, a six-speaker audio system and CD player, USB input, power windows and locks, and keyless entry come standard on all models.

2012 in review from a to z

The CR-Z EX comes with a leather-wrapped steering wheel complete with integrated controls, Bluetooth hands-free interface, alloy pedals, ambient lighting, and polished interior accents. All CR-Zs come with a hidden storage area that is located directly behind the seats, so small personal items can be kept out of sight. The CR-Z looks like a go-fast car, but its hybrid powertrain delivers only modest performance.

The 1.

2012 in review from a to z

The more fuel-efficient CVT comes equipped with paddle shifters, and exclusive to CR-Zs is a special three-mode drive system that provides for regular, sporty, and fuel-saving vehicle performance. Driver and passenger have dual stage, multi threshold front and front side airbags, and seat belt reminders. Watch Originals. Join MotorTrend.

Other years: Fair Market Price:? The actual transaction price depends on many variables from dealer inventory to bargaining skills, so this figure is an approximation. Sporty style Responsive handling. Fuel economy Poor rear visibility Modest power. So-called sport hybrid in need of more sport.Posta un commento.

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2011 Travel Year in Review from A to Z

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2012 in review from a to z

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2012 Honda CR-Z Test Drive \u0026 Hybrid Car Review

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